About David Palmer

David Palmer is a multi-disciplinary convener, facilitator, grant writer, public speaker, researcher, entrepreneur, and Realtor. He is principal of DC Palmer LLC and is a Michigan licensed real estate Associate Broker. He has invested his time, resources, and passion in Detroit since 1993, and has been a resident of Hubbard Richard, in Southwest Detroit, since 2016.

Background & Experience

David spent 10 years working in kitchens as a self-taught cook and chef. Another ten years managing successful small businesses: one focused on environmental remediation and the other flow dynamics  systems integration.

Most recently, he has invested five and a half years in nonprofit workforce development in Detroit, and seven years in serving his residential and commercial real estate clients.

Workforce Development in Detroit, for Detroiters

While the Senior Director at the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN, 2014-2019), he directly supported the development, award, and program implementation for over $40 million in federal, state and foundation grants received to implement workforce training and capacity building in the Detroit region. WIN has contributed to over $100 million in workforce and economic development for the Detroit region since 2011. These funds directly support workforce and apprenticeship training for Detroit at Work and Wayne County Community College District, and similar entities across the region. He has spoken at over 100 conferences since 2014.

Degrees & Associations

David earned a Master of Public Administration degree, with honors, from Eastern Michigan University (EMU). He also obtained a graduate certificate in nonprofit management, and a bachelor’s in political science also from EMU.

He is a member of the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association, the Southwest Detroit Business Association, the Detroit Association of Realtors, and other professional associations.

Committees & Boards

David Palmer has served on numerous advisory committees and nonprofit boards, including the Wayne County River Rouge EPA Brownfield Assessment Advisory Committee. He is a founding board member for the Hubbard Richard Residents Association.

David volunteers with the Wayne State University Computer Science Department Advisory Committee, and the Michigan Talent Architecture Steering Committee, and is a Realtor instructor for first-time home buyers at the Focus:HOPE MSU Extension program.

Personal Life & Written Works

David lives with his partner Betty, and their two cats, in the shadow of the Ambassador Bridge, near historic Ste. Anne’s Catholic Church in Southwest Detroit. He serves as a founding board member of the Hubbard Richard Residents Association. He travels Detroit, and the region, in search of inspirational music and amazing food.

He is an author, or has been a contributor, for numerous publications including but not limited to the 2019 New Economy Initiative (NEI) report: “Community of Opportunity: a Scan of Entrepreneurship Support Assets in Southeast Michigan”. He contributed to and edited WIN labor market and special reports from 2014-2019, and was the lead author of, “Community Based Investing: Crowdfunding and the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE),” published by Michigan State University in 2014.

His most recent publication, “Longitudinal Data Systems in Michigan: SLDS Analysis, Stakeholder Input and Recommendations,” was commissioned by Talent 2025 (Grand Rapids, MI). The primary and secondary research included convening stakeholders, literature review, comparative policy analysis, and managing contributing subcontractors.